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Blue And White Porcelain And Saucer ChinaTea Set - Sanroll

Blue And White Porcelain And Saucer ChinaTea Set - Sanroll

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This is a blue and white porcelain tea set made of blue and white. Its appearance comes from the Ming and Qing dynasties. You can see similar tea sets appearing on the screen in many ancient Chinese films and TV dramas. At the same time, blue and white porcelain is also the most well-known ceramic in China.


This Sanroll blue and white porcelain is overall blue and white. The background of each tea cup is like a piece of white rice paper. The artist uses exquisite painting skills to describe the vivid lotus flowers in elegant blue. And depict a koi fish in red. Koi represents happiness and good luck in China. These elements together bring out this high-end Chinese blue and white porcelain tea set.

This blue and white tea set comes with a relatively large tea tray, which is designed to receive guests. Use this tea tray to hand the tea cups to the guests, making the guests feel respected. Likewise, every blue and white porcelain component is carefully designed. Allowing you to get the best tea drinking experience while appreciating the exquisite blue and white porcelain tea sets.


The tea set also includes a beautiful storage box, which can store and protect all tea cups and saucers. You can easily place this ceramic tea set safely anywhere or take it out to enjoy different scenery. It is also one of the most worthwhile Chinese tea set gifts for friends.


Overall, this blue and white blue and white porcelain Chinese tea set is a popular yet unique tea set. It allows you to truly experience the fusion of modern ceramic craftsmanship and traditional tea ceremony. Maybe you don’t have to use it, you just need to quietly look at the tea cup on a comfortable afternoon to feel the history of China.

Buy this tea set at Sanroll now and get a practical and beautiful blue and white porcelain handicraft.

you will get:

Box * 1
51 * 29.5 cm
Tea cup * 8
5 * 4.5 cm
Tea Pot * 1
12.5 * 8.5 cm
Tea Bowl * 1
15 * 3 cm
Tea Pot with Lid * 1
9 * 7.3 cm
Host Tea Cup * 1
7.8 * 5.5 cm
Teapot Lid Holder * 1
5 cm
Tea Filter * 1
8 * 5 cm

Manual measurement may have slight deviations

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