Collection: Chinese Tea Ceremony Sets

Tea has been a part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. People in China often gather around a tea table with friends to enjoy a pot of tea during their free time. Interestingly, tea-drinking customs can differ across different regions in China. For example, many people in Guangdong like to begin their day with Cantonese dim sum and a steaming pot of tea in the morning.In Sichuan, people will see waiters performing tea ceremonies to spectators in theaters watching Sichuan Opera with long-spouted copper Chinese teapots. So in different occasions and in different places you will see people using different chinese tea ceremony sets.

what is included in a Chinese tea set?

In the Chinese tea ceremony, the most important items are teacups and teapots. There are also some additional tools like clips and tea strainers. In the ceremony, it's important to pour boiling water into the teacup before serving it to the customer. This is done to sterilize and warm up the cup. Why is preheating necessary? Well, if the teacup is cold and you pour hot tea into it, the heat from the tea will be absorbed by the cup, which could affect the taste of the tea. To avoid getting burned while handling the hot teacup, you can use clips to hold it.
Sometimes, you might see two teapots on a Chinese tea table and wonder why. In such cases, it's worth checking if there is a tea strainer present. The tea is served after it has been filtered through the tea strainer. This is because having tea leaves in the tea while drinking can spoil the taste.
Don't be surprised if you don't see a teapot on the tea table. Instead, they might use a teacup with a lid to brew the tea. Then, they would carefully pour the tea into the cup by leaving a small opening. Be cautious not to burn yourself if you decide to give it a try.
Let's talk about teacups and teapots next. Usually vintage chinese tea set has two teacup styles. One is a Chinese gaiwan tea cup, and the other is a small teacup with a mouthful capacity. The capacity of the Chinese gaiwan tea cup is much larger than the other one. Its lid has two functions:
1. It can use the cup to separate the tea leaves when drinking tea.
2. It can keep warm when the weather is too cold.
In fact, these two teacups are not strictly used separately in China, you can see them from the same tea table.
You may also see a variety of tea pets on the tea table, but this is not a must. If you like, you can choose the tea pet you want here. Learn more about tea pets.

are chinese tea sets always red?

Maybe you noticed that many traditional Chinese tea sets are red, but this is not always the case. Part of the red color is because Chinese people like red, and you can see a lot of red items in Chinese weddings, because for Chinese people, red represents joy. So you can see that the wedding tea set chinese is red. Another interesting aspect is related to the materials used for making teacups. In the past, clay was commonly used, resulting in teacups that were mostly red or black in color.
Even today, vintage Chinese tea sets often offer options in these two colors. However, throughout the history of tea-drinking in China, teapots have come in a variety of colors. For instance, there are blue and white porcelain tea sets and tea sets featuring Chinese dragon designs. So, when selecting a Chinese teapot set, you can simply choose the teapot style that appeals to you the most.

how to use a chinese tea set?

There is no uniform way to use the authentic chinese tea set; it is more related to local habits, such as drinking tea in Chaoshan, people prefer to use small-capacity teacups, they think it is respect for people to drink the tea in one gulp, when the host thinks When he doesn't want to continue chatting, he will not continue to pour tea for guests. But in Beijing or other places it is a different process. But generally speaking, there is one rule that is the same. The teacup cannot be filled with only 70% of the tea, which is a sign of respect.
In daily use, just pay attention to cleaning the tea set in time without leaving tea stains and keep it clean. You don’t need to maintain it too deliberately. In a sense, the tea cup is made of stone, isn’t it? Also be careful not to drop the teapot from a height.

where can i buy a chinese tea set?

You can choose your favorite chinese ceremonial tea set in the local Chinatown or in the online tea set store Sanroll. From the physical store, you can directly touch the texture, but you may need to pay an additional tax for the teacup.

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