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Japanese wabi sabi style sky blue Tea Set

Japanese wabi sabi style sky blue Tea Set

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In the cool world of traditional Japanese coolness, wabi sabi (侘寂) is like this mindset that's all about accepting change and not being perfect. This super cool teapot from Sanroll is all one color and looks like the clear blue sky. It's totally into that wabi-sabi thing that's been getting popular lately. When you're sipping your tea from this teapot, it's like you're really getting into the whole nature vibe, kinda like Zen stuff.

The Japanese wabisabi style Tea Set is made of ceramics, like fancy pottery stuff. The white inside matches the blue outside very well, it looks like the sky and white clouds, making people feel relaxed in the boundless sky. The handle of the teapot is made of wood, so it won't burn your hands when pouring tea. The teapot even comes with a strainer, and the set also includes eight adorable teacups, perfect for inviting friends over for a party.

You can totally snag this awesome Japanese tea set from Sanroll Tea Set Suppliers right now and have the coolest addition to your Japanese tea stuff!

Products  Size
Tea Pot * 1 16*9.5*7.6 cm / 185 ml
Tea Cup * 1 4.7*4.7*3.7 cm / 50 ml
Tea Caddy * 1
8.2*8.2*9.7 cm / 200 ml
Tea Pot Tray * 1 /
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