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Tea Cup Gift Set for Chinese New Year dragon craft

Tea Cup Gift Set for Chinese New Year dragon craft

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If you know anything about China, then you should know about the Chinese New Year. Different from the well-known New Year, the date of the Chinese Lunar New Year changes every year. This yellow teacup gift set is specially designed for the Lunar New Year of 2024, the Year of the Dragon.

This tea set includes a teapot and six teacups. Sanroll uses bright yellow as the main color, which was used by ancient Chinese nobles.

This color was inspired by ancient royal families, and usually emperors or their families would wear this bright yellow to highlight their status.

Sanroll adds elements of this year's zodiac protagonist - the Chinese dragon - to each tea set to highlight the festive feel.

The craftsmanship of the tea cup is from Chaoshan, the porcelain capital of China. The tea set is smooth and has no defects, and the pigments used in the pattern are safe, long-lasting and edible pigment materials. Modern technology combines with ancient design styles, making this tea set a handicraft for the Chinese Lunar New Year gift!

There’s nothing more appropriate than using a tea set that embodies the Lunar New Year atmosphere for Chinese New Year. This set of Chinese New Year dragon craft is very trendy as a gift or for taking photos.

Buy this yellow Year of the Dragon handicraft tea set often seen in ancient Chinese palaces at Sanroll now!

you will receive:

Products SIZE
Yellow Dragon Teapot * 1 15.5cm*10.5cm
Yellow Dragon Teacup * 6 6.2cm*6.2cm
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